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So you want to go on an adventure but are still not sure if Unlock Escape Rooms is for you. Maybe you have a fear of the dark or you do not like being locked in enclosed spaces. Don’t worry – here we run through all the frequently asked questions so you know exactly what you are in for. If you do not find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us for any other questions or information.

Don’t let your claustrophobia keep you from experiencing the fun! For the safety and enjoyment of all players, a participant may exit a live room escape game at any time if things get too real. We at Unlock Escape Rooms never lock the door so you may exit at any time.

If you’ve ever played a board game and wondered what it would be like to be in a real world, interactive version that’s an escape room. Participants are locked in a room and have an hour to get out. The escape room’s life-like setting is completely immersive once you’re inside. You have to use that good ol’ grey matter to find clues and solve puzzles in order to successfully complete the challenges and escape the room before the clock runs out.

Afraid of getting trapped? Our game hosts can offer 2-3 escape room solutions to help move the game along. You can’t ask “what is this escape room answer”, but a clue or two can make a difference.

Unlock Escape Rooms takes it to the next level by incorporating multi-dimensional elements, life size props, hands-on props, theatrical lighting, sounds and smells (yes, smells). Everything works together to collectively captivate the senses and provide an amazing experience that will make all other game nights seem weak by comparison!

The objective of an escape room game is to solve the story before the clock runs out, but this isn’t always easy. Many groups get close, but come a little short of escaping.

You can escape the room one of two ways:

  • Solve the Clues – Use your wits, critical thinking and communication skills to work with the other players and put all the clues together. Solve them all before the clock strikes zero and you will have won!
  • Ask to Leave – If you are feeling unwell, or would like to leave for any reason, you are welcome to step out.

Unlock Escape Rooms welcomes players of all ages. Our attractions are designed for players that are 12 and older, but younger players can get in on the action with some adult guidance. If you have some younger players who you think would enjoy the game, please give us a call and we can help choose the right game for you! Don’t underestimate younger players – you never know when their smaller hands will come in handy

Each room is designed to allow up to 6 players to band together with a single purpose – solve the story in time. Couples and pairs are welcome, but tackling our rooms individually is not possible. You certainly don’t need a full group of players in order to participate anywhere between 2-6. Keep in mind the rooms are fully immersive and part of the experience is using everyone’s strengths to beat the clock. The designers recommend 3-4 players for the optimal experience.

If you want an exclusive experience with your closest friends or colleagues, then we’ve got you. To book the entire Unlock Escape Rooms venue for your posse, team or company, contact us to discuss availability. We also have space available for functions and presentations – consider Unlock for your end-of-year function or team building experience.

Can you really put a price on making memories that will last a lifetime? Yes! It’s just R250.00 per player. Each time slot includes one full hour to complete the challenge with a minimum of 2 players per room. Consider yourself a bargain hunter who gets a thrill out of saving? We offer specials and promos – stay tuned to our social platforms for information!

You don’t want to show up late for a game that’s all about beating the clock. All “escapers” should arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled game. Please beware that parking in Eikestad mall can fill up at certain times of day, so plan to arrive a little earlier than “South African Time”.

Games can be rescheduled within 24 hours of booking. To reschedule please call 067 057 2729 or email bookings@unlockescaperooms.co.za.